What the competitors say about Finke

The leadup to Tatts Finke Desert Race is on.

It’s an event that unites the nation’s off road competitors as more than 160 crews battle the elements of the harsh Australian desert on the Queen’s birthday long weekend for the top honours in the third round of the BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship.

See what some of the competitors have to say about one of the most highly anticipated editions of the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

Ally Howells – Finke is everything. Everything must fall into place to be successful there. There is a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into finishing Finke and luck being a big factor to it as well so, a fourth-year finish would be fantastic.

Ryland Burt – “Definitely keen to finish Finke. That’s all we want to do. Everyone in this sport is probably the same. Just get there and back. Really looking forward to it. The difference between cars and bikes is like chalk and cheese. The bikes are great. The people who ride down the track flat out are incredible, but the buggies are pretty special too. I am really looking forward to going there and hopefully finishing there.”

Greg Campbell – We’re always a bit cautious on the way home but we like to have a bit of fun on the way home. We always try to enjoy it. With that said, Finke is a lot of work but that’s why we do what we do.

Brett Comiskey – You go to any event and you either like it or hate it. Finke is a name, it’s on everyone’s bucket list. It’s just got special feelings on the run down there. It’s a driver challenge. It’s a bit more open and flowing, not off/on the gas so much and very much a concentration track. I love Finke. Hopefully we can be up the pointy end instead of up the back this year.

Damon Nicol – I am making my debut this year and I am just excited for the trip and journey. We just want to go there and have a bit of fun, everyone talks about the big woops, so we’re keen to take the truck around there. We’ll just wing it and see.

Shannon Rentsch – It will be good to get up there, this car is hopefully suited to Finke. We have a few things to improve on first but yeah hopefully we give Toby Price a run for his money. It’s another race to do and get a bit faster.

Ryan Taylor – Finke is one of our favourites, looking forward to getting back out there. This car is awesome at Finke. In the past we’ve been let down by qualifying so just copping that early dust. So we are working on our qualifying and hopefully a better result than previous.

Photos: Terry Hill Photography