What makes Off Road special

The 2020 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship (AORC) may be on hold for the moment, but this lockdown period has given the off road community lots of time to reflect.

First the St George 399 did not go ahead and then the iconic Tatts Finke Desert Race was forced to pull the pin and not long after, the Rainbow Desert Enduro was cancelled with the safety on the township the main priority.

Whether competitors and fans miss the feeling or
sound of roaring down a dusty trail in their trophy truck surrounded by nothing but nature, or gaining serious airtime in their pro buggies, or just navigating a nimble SXS buggy through nothing but mud – the discipline is adored by many.

And it’s not just the racing action that people involved love either.

It’s the camaraderie between crews, the passion for winning shared amongst rivals, the raw emotion of crossing the finish line after battling hard for hundreds of kilometres. It’s also made complete by the picturesque rural locations, each with their individual charms.

There are so many aspects of the sport that are missed by so many off road enthusiasts, who just long to go racing again.

So while Australia awaits the next round of the AORC, watch the video below to see why the off road community love their sport.