Tips from the St George Racers

#813 Anthony Jones/Tyrone Power
Class/car: Extreme 4WD/Peugeot 207
St George 399: Debut
About you: I moved from Wales six years ago-I brought my racer with me as I couldn’t bring myself to sell it after the two-year build.
Secret weapon: Peugeot off road rally car, it’s a little different to your normal 4×4 racers.
Biggest challenge: First ever long course event and I don’t have a pit crew! 

#6613 Tara Czislowski/Dan Czislowski
Class:car: SXS Sport/Polaris RZR
From: Chinchilla, Qld
St George 399: Second outing, won class in 2017
About your team: Husband-and-wife team, Tara taking over the driver’s seat for the first time this year
Biggest challenge at St George 399: Deep bulldust ruts in the tight treed sections
St George Bakery tip: Caramel Tart!

#958 Bryce Chapman/Mitch Warren
Class/car: Pro buggy/Jimco Champion
From: Tamworth
St George 399: second outing, second place in 2017
What do you like about St George: Great hospitality, friendly
Secret weapon: our pit crew
St George Bakery tip: Curry Pie

#603 Jeff McNiven/Andrew Reid
Class/car: SXS Turbo/Can-am Maverick X3
From: Gold Coast, QLD
About your team: We have a new 2018 Can-am for the AORC
What do you like about St George: Friendly local community
Best part of the course:Big double jump near the pit area, lots of air time!

#131 Chris Browning/Chris Clarke
Class/car: Prolite-Alumni Craft Prolite
About your team: Our buggy’s name is ‘Black Betty’
Most challenging part of the course: The tight sandy sections
St George Bakery tip: The cream buns – one of our crew thinks they are the best in Australia – he ate about two dozen last year!
What are you looking forward to at Sunday night’s rodeo: The Barrel Race, shame it’s registered vehicles only!

#6601 Gary Taylor/Nolan Mack
Class/car: SXS Sport/Polaris XP 1000
St George 399: Debut
From: Gold Coast
About your team: Started racing in 2016 with no prior experience of any sort
What have you heard about St George: the high quality of the baked goods and the enthusiasm of the town for this event.

#7 Matt Hanson/Nigel Pendlebury
Class/car: Pro buggy/SMU Racing Jimco
From: Melbourne
St George 399: debut
About your team: Matt started racing at 12 years old
What have you head about the St George 399: It’s dusty!