The Year That Was: Declan Cummins’ amazing save

A new season means new opportunities and all drivers love the first prologue of a new season because they get back behind the wheel and have the title front of mind.

Some take the opening prologue cautiously while others want to get a strong start to the new season, but no one could have predicted the most memorable laps as the St George 399’s biggest talking points.

In the 2018 BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship’s opening day, Declan Cummins, with daughter Molly as navigator, were going well in prologue on their way to record a solid time.


However it wasn’t until the new and improved Baker’s Dozen that the Super 1650 Lothringer pilots experienced a near-crash for the ages.

Towards the end of the Dozen, Cummins had a huge moment and almost flipped the buggy as the car flew through the air on its side, however the driver managed to pull off a miraculous save and land on all four wheels – continuing the lap like nothing happened.

Cummins eventually finished the prologue lap in 24th outright, posting a final time of one minute and 12 seconds.

Unfortunately, their race was not as memorable with the pair only completing five laps of the challenging course and ending the weekend in 41st outright.


This memorable moment is part of a special BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship series recapping an entertaining 2018 season.