The countdown for Rainbow begins

There is only month remaining until the BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship’s (AORC) season finale kicks off with the Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro.

With scrutineering taking place on Friday 9 August, competitors will get their first chance to strut their stuff through Prologue and the first two laps on the Saturday before tackling the remaining five laps on the final day of the season.

Entry to the event has just opened and competitors have until Friday 29 July to enter, with the event’s early bird discount closing on Friday 19 July.

Click here to download the Rainbow Desert Enduro entry form.

Following two years of brutal conditions, which has seen the event considered as gruelling as the iconic Tatts Finke Desert Race, some of the AORC regulars give their thoughts on the track.

Shannon Rentsch
2018 position: First Outright/First Pro Buggy Class

“It’s going to be different. Hopefully it won’t be so muddy. It’s been really wet every time but we are looking forward to it. It’s a real endurance event as it’s longer than Finke. It’s going to be tough.”

Jeff McNiven
2018 position: Fifth Outright/First SXS Class

“Rainbow is good for us. It’s been wet and slippery in the past and it really suits the Can-Ams. We have had a good track record there for the past few years so hopefully we can keep that up.

“The toughest part is how cold it can be. It’s freezing and wet. The pits are mud bath but at the end of the day, it’s a good track and very fast.”

Toby Whateley
2018 position: Seventh Outright/Second SXS Class

“The event’s difficulty will depend on whether it rains or not. So far the weather has been one of the hardest things to deal with there. Especially out back when the sand gets really rough but I suppose we will see how we go. The car feels a bit better so hopefully we can do better.”

Mark Burrows
2018 position: Second Outright/Second Pro Buggy Class

“I am looking forward to Rainbow. It’s a good little track. Totally different to Finke, but that is what you want. You want every track to have different bits and pieces. We had lots of fun there last year.

“I think the weather played a part in it last year. It was wet, then dry, then wet again, then the sandy areas out the back of the track really played up. They were as worse as the whoops. It’s a great event because it’s got a bit of everything.”

Justin Watt
2018 position: 21st Outright/Second Extreme 2WD class

“I love Rainbow. The whole town gets behind it and we made a lot of good friends up there. They put a lot into that track and it’s got everything. It’s got fast straights as well as some rough stuff and it’s really good to see a community get behind it.

“The hardest part is the sand out the back and the clay. When you get big mud clumps thrown at you to makes it really hard. It’s nearly 100km lap so you need to put your all in it.”

Simon Evans
Makes his Rainbow debut in 2019

“I love that it’s located in Victoria but I have never done it. I have heard it is quite rough and some of the sections are worse than Finke, and that scares me a little bit but I like that. It has a bit of everything, which makes it really challenging event. I am looking forward to it.”

The Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro takes place in the rural Victorian Town of Rainbow on 9 – 11 August.