Taylor in the race against time

Brett Taylor is within touching distance of a national class title in the BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship (AORC) ahead of the Rainbow Desert Enduro.

Unfortunately for Taylor, the only thing standing in his way is new brake rotors and his truck’s disappointing finishing record.

In June, Taylor was on track to finish the iconic Finke Desert Race before his truck’s fuel pump broke and brake rotors and calibres cracked, forcing him to retire.

Now, one week remains until the final round of the BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship, Taylor is patiently waiting for the new rotor to arrive before he can confirm his entry into the final round event.

“I am not nervous because if the parts come, they come, but if they don’t, they don’t. It’s pretty much out of my hands at this point in time,” Taylor said

“Rotors are not an off-the-shelf item, they’re a special build so we have had to wait for some to get built.

“I guess time is against us at the moment because we have to get the truck running and then get it to Victoria.

“Fingers crossed we will be alright.”

With the Performance 2WD class top-two in David Fellows and Mark Lancaster not attending Rainbow, Taylor is next in line with 219 points separating him and Fellows.

However Taylor concedes that he requires more than just a new rotor to be crowned class champion.

“I entered the event because I saw the standings and I’m in with a chance to win the class, but I just need to be very lucky,” Taylor added.

‘I’m not confident because even if we do get the parts, since we have had the truck, it has not had a good finishing record.

“Based on previous records so far, I think we have only finished once out of seven events and that has been the whole problem since we owned it.

“If I did finish the event it would be awesome and I would be really happy.”

Despite being unable to get his truck right since obtaining it last year after switching from a buggy, the Northern Territorian insists there is more to competing than winning

For Taylor, it’s more just about experiencing different tracks and getting to drive his new truck.

“While one of the reasons for competing was to have a go at the class, another was also because it’s apparently a good track.

“More than anything, I am really excited to have a look at the track because I just enjoy driving on new tracks.

“If I finish the race, then that is a bonus. I don’t mind because it’s just good fun and I love the sport and driving.”

The Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro takes place on 10-12 August, with Outright and Class Champion to be crowned at the conclusion of the event.