Single Event Licence Changes

Get organised! Get your Off Road Single Event licence BEFORE your event.

Off Road Single Event Licences (ORSE) for both driver and navigators now need to be purchased ten days prior to an event.

The 2018 ORSE can be purchased via an application form downloaded from the CAMS website. Once the form is submitted, competitors will receive a link via email to complete an online lecture as a minimum requirement before the ORSE can be issued.

Drivers applying for an ORSE must also complete an observed licence test (OLT) which can usually be arranged with the event organiser.

Off Road Single Event Driver and Navigator licences can be used for events up to and including State Championship.

If a single event licence is required to compete in a National event, please ensure this option is checked on the form. Once the licence application is submitted, it will be assessed by the Australian Off Road Commission (AORCom) and CAMS administration. You will be notified of the outcome following a decision.

This is a significant change; in the past these licences were available on the day of the event and could be used for a National event without submission to AORCom and CAMS.

If you have any questions, please contact CAMS Member Services on 1300 883 959 or via email, [email protected].