Price’s extraordinary story

A new book detailing the career of off road legend Toby Price is now available to purchase online and in participating retailers.

Written with the assistance of award-winning motorsport journalist Andrew van Leeuwen, “Endurance: The Toby Price Story” tells the extraordinary story of Price and his journey to becoming one of the most well respected and highly decorated motorsport competitors in the world.

The New South Welshman boasts an incredible record on two-wheels with some of his accolades including two-time Dakar Rally victories, seven Tatts Finke Desert Race wins and an FIM World Rally Championship title.

Price has also proved quite a talented trophy truck driver, having finally won the Tatts Finke Desert Race as part of the BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship last year after multiple podiums and DNFs in previous years.

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And with a potential career switch from bikes to cars on the cards for the legendary rider, the book gives a rare and exclusive insight into his career and all the adversity that he faced along the way.

Being tasked with the role of helping Price tell his story was van Leeuwen, who spent six months working on the book closely with Price.

“It was a genuine honour when Toby approached me about working on this project with him, and although I had never written a biography before, I couldn’t think of anyone better I would rather have done it with,” van Leeuwen said.

“When he was telling me the story, there were times I felt so lucky to have been chosen for this and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to learn and then share his career from top to bottom.

“There are so many things to like about Toby and everyone who knows him feels the same way. He is this nice normal guy with an extraordinary amount of talent who has lived this extraordinary life.

“I found there to be quite a few things I didn’t know about him, but one of the things I really found amazing about him is that his life has been a series of accidents and setbacks that turned him from someone struggling to get a gig to becoming a KTM Dakar Rally legend.

“It’s truly an inspiring story and a tale about overcoming adversity and small failures to find a way of succeeding in a way he never thought it existed.”

Endurance: The Toby Price Story is out now and available for purchase from $22.

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