Patient Price ready for SXS debut

Off Road champion Toby Price will make his long awaited SXS debut at the upcoming 2018 DEWALT SXS Australian Championship round in Albury.

After attending previous SXS events as a spectator, Price fell in love with the series and worked with category owner and good friend Sam Beck for a way to join the series.

Eventually the pair was able to secure a deal that saw Price provided with a CAN-AM X3 for the third round of the 2018 series which Price was extremely happy with.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision at all, I’ve been a few times and seen what it’s all about so I always had it mind to have a bit of a round,” Price said.

“I wanted to compete, it was just always a matter of finding the time and the car to jump in and luckily we have some support from CAN AM who gave us a car.”

“I am really looking forward to it and I can’t wait. It’s the first time I’ve ever competed in the SXS championship so it’s exciting times ahead.”

Beck is hoping that Price’s inclusion into the series will help build the profile of the series and assist in bringing some big names from other categories into SXS.

“It is absolutely a major coup for us,” Beck said.

“Toby and I have been talking about how to get in and CAN –AM have been good enough to provide him a car.

“He has intentions doing future rounds and whether that is this year or next year, but he wants to continue racing SXS as well as motor bikes and his trophy tuck.

“We would love if this recruitment paved the way for a lot more autocross and motorbike riders came and join us and have a lot of fun. “

Racing with Darmac AG, Price’s recruitment adds a new dimension to the series that is reaching the halfway point of a very entertaining season.

Currently locked in equal first are Polaris Racing Australia’s Simon Evans and East Coast Earthing’s Stephen Henry with both drivers having picked up a first and third place in the opening two rounds.

The 2018 DEWALT SXS Australian Championship’s third round will take place at the Albury-Wondonga Motorcorss club – Diamond Club in Albury on Saturday 21 July.

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