Cool Campbell still motivated for Rainbow

Defending Australian SXS Turbo champion, Greg Campbell remains motivated for the BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship, despite turning his focus to supplying parts to competitors in 2018.

Campbell is yet to hit his strides during this year’s championship, finishing fifth at St George and sixth at Finke last month which has him in currently sitting fourth in the class.

Sitting above Campbell on the class standings is Phil Lovett and Nathan Chivers, who make part of Campbell’s ever-growing customer base to which he supplies a majority of parts.

“Our main focus this year is to serve our customers side ahead of the actual racing side of them,” Campbell said.

“We supplied half of the field at Finke with different parts and have a least three Can-Ams currently in the top ten outright.

“Obviously we still want to run really well but we have taken on a little more relaxed approach this year accepting the results as what they are.”

The New South Welshman is no stranger to being at the top of his game after a solid year last year winning the class outright.

With his large amount of experience competing at the top of off road championships, the completive side of Campbell will never wane regardless of his motivations.

“When you put the helmet on you always want to win a race but we have no expectations,” Campbell added.

“I have won several Australian Championships throughout my career so whatever happens on the racing side is what no problem

“We still prepare our car exactly the same and we still put the effort in.

“It’s such a growing class, which is great. It’s where we want the sport to be. We have nothing to prove.”

With the new found attitude of nothing to prove, Campbell is enjoying the sport and is just happy to be part of the in the ever-growing championship.

As the final round of the championship approaches, for Campbell, anything on the Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro podium would be considered a bonus.

“Last year we just missed out on the top three of Australia by two points. To get that this year would be really nice,” Campbell said.

“I think of the whole series a three-day event and with just ‘one day’ in Rainbow to go, I think we’re in a good spot. It would be great if we finished in the top three.

“When I checked post-race. I was surprised how high we are ranked and now I am super excited for the race.

“If we get into the top three it will be a very good bonus.”

The Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro takes place on 10-12 August, with Outright and Class Champion to be crowned at the conclusion of the event.

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