Champions Chat: Toby Whateley

The BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship caught up with 2018 SXS turbo class winner Toby Whateley, who won the class and finished second outright after a brilliant year. 

BFGoodrich Australian Off Road Championship: First of all, congratulations on winning the class, how did it feel?
Toby Whateley: To win the class was a really good feeling and we even managed to have a nice celebration with a few drinks after which was nice.

The aim was to win the class and go slower compared to what I normally do because I usually go flat out and I breakdown, but to have something at the end of the year and the class win was a bonus.

AORC: What would you say was the best moment from the year?
TW: There were a few moments that were exciting, in particular St George.  It was an exciting event, because it suited me more and it made the racing a lot closer.  It was also exciting towards the end of the event due to the fight between Shannon and I.

However, I would have to say winning the class at Finke was the best part of the year because it was a relief to get it done. I first raced in 2015 with a Can-Am and I won there, but because they were new, it didn’t count, so I felt like I have I won it for the first time and it is awesome.

AORC: Dare we ask if there were a bad moments?
TW: There were not any really bad moments throughout the year, in fact I think it went pretty smooth.

Although if I was to pick one, it would have to be in St George when I had a fuel transfer pump not working at the start of the second day. This was followed up by a flat tyre on the last lap.

After the event, Shannon Rentsch and I had a chat about our times and we worked out that if I had kept going at full pace instead of going into eco mode, I could have won the first round which is a little disappointing.

AORC: Who would you like to thank?
TW: Thanks to Simon Hermann, my navigator and for helping build the car, as well as Can-Am Australia, Lightford and my dad Tony for all his support.

AORC: What are your plans for 2019?
TW: My plans are pretty simple, I want to do the same again basically but try and go one up. It’s a big ask but anything is possible in motor sport. I am getting closer each year so I just need to keep trying, unless this year was a fluke.

I am also currently building a trophy truck as well so that may be running in 2019 for a few races. Maybe in 2020 I may run it in the championship.