Champions Chat: Alan Dixon

The BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship caught up with 2018 Pro-lite class winner Alan Dixon, who won his class after a tight battle throughout the season with Ally Howells. 

BFGoodrich Australian Off Road Championship: How does it feel to win the Pro-lite class?

Alan Dixon: It was awesome at the time and it felt really good. However following the Rainbow win, I ended up just going back to our accommodation, washed the car and then made my way back up to Alice Springs the following morning.

It was a very low-key celebration. I haven’t really thought about it too much after the win. It’s something we did and then I ended up going straight back to work.

AORC: What was your favourite moment throughout the year?

AD: Probably doing those whoops at St George, they were just exceptional.

That is something that sticks in my head as one of the most memorable moments from the year because you either had to hit them hard and flat out or avoid them.

I personally went alright on them, however on one occasion, there was a car at the other end of the track and as I approached the whoops, I had to back off – Next minute I am sitting upside down and I thought ‘this is not the best place to park’.

AORC: Was there a moment you’d rather forget for the year?

AD: There was. It was at Finke when we were doing the first leg of the race, I broke my steering and it continued to play up on me throughout the day which made it difficult. I was lucky enough to cross the line within the four hours.

On the way back, I had to pass 40 cars which was fine but as a result I ended up getting a flat tyre before breaking the axle on the finish line, so that weekend was definitely one to forget I would say.

AORC: Who would you like to thank for the win?

AD: I would like to thank my pit crew, especially Johnny O’Connor for navigating throughout year. Scotty and Lachie Palmer for travelling to every event and supporting me.

AORC: Have you decided on any plans for 2019?

AD: I have not really thought about my plans for 2019. I am definitely going back to Finke but outside of that, I am yet to make any decisions.