Bumper schedule confirmed for Loveday

The event schedule and Prologue starting order for the Can-Am Loveday 400 have been released with bumper schedule planned for the event.

Acting as the fourth round of the 2022 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship (AORC), up to 78 crews are officially locked in to compete another new event.

Taking place over the last weekend of July, the event will officially get underway on the Friday afternoon with crews to take on the 7km Prologue course.

Saturday and Sunday will then see the three sections take place on each day, with the first two sections to be made up of two laps apiece and the final section to be one lap.

The start order for each section will then be based purely on the results of the previous section, with the winner to be determined by the lowest accumulated time across all six sections.

Click here to view the latest schedule.

As for the Prologue starting order, Loveday will stick to the traditional qualifying process, with the slower classes to go first and the faster cars and trucks to finish up the session.

Prologue will start at 2pm ACST with local driver Connor Corrigan to kicks things off in his Super 1650 buggy, while New South Welshman Paul Tuck-Lee will be the last driver to complete Prologue.

Click here to view the Prologue Starting Order.

The Can-Am Loveday 400 takes place at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park in South Australia on 29-31 July.

Photos: Bob Taylor