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Finke Monday Start Times

Grid Class Num Crew Start Interval Gap 1 PRO 33 SHANNON RENTSCH IAN RENTSCH 07:15:00.0 2 X2WD 487 TOBY PRICE JASON DUNCAN 07:17:59.2 + 00:02:59.2 + 00:02:59.2 3…

Sunday Wrap from Finke

Day One done and dusted. Quite literally. Chad Neylon & Greg Rust review Sunday’s action at Tatts Finke Desert Race across cars and bike classes.

Finke Prologue Start Times

Grid Class Num Crew Vehicle Start Interval Gap 1 X4WD 801 PAUL MALT MICHELLE MALT NISSAN PATROL CHEV 5700cc 08:00:00 2 X4WD 881 NIIHORI TADAMITSU GLEN WESTON GRANT…